Broken Arm Office Accident. Worker Compensation

Workplace Accidents & Injuries Should Be Taken Seriously

Chicagoans are a tough bunch, but nobody should be expected to “walk it off” or “just deal with it” after being involved in a workplace accident. Even if your employer tries to persuade you otherwise, you should consider seeking payment from the Illinois Workers’ Compensation system, and maybe filing a lawsuit against a negligent third party.

While you focus on getting better, Vaziri Law LLC can figure out what legal options are available to you, and help you get the money you deserve following a workplace injury

Illinois Workers’ Compensation 

The first and easiest way for you to seek compensation after being injured on the job is through the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (IWCA). Our state’s workers’ comp system provides fully or partially disabled workers with a set amount of money depending on their specific injuries. 

Vaziri Law LLC can help you fill out all the IWCA paperwork, and make sure the evidence you provide to the state maximizes the amount of money you receive. It is important to file workers’ comp claims as quickly as possible, so please contact our office as soon as you are able to do so. 

Litigating Workplace Injuries

The second way Chicogans can seek compensation for an on-the-job injury is through a personal injury lawsuit. Illinois law typically prohibits injured workers from suing their employers and instead funnels them through the workers’ compensation system. However, an employee may be able to file a lawsuit against a negligent third party and get money beyond what they are eligible for through workers’ comp. 

Third-party lawsuits are often appropriate when a subcontractor, maintenance company, or worksite owner has caused or contributed to an employee’s injury. The best way to figure out if a third party may be partially responsible for your workplace injury is to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney who can take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the incident. 

At Vaziri Law LLC, we listen to our potential client’s story, then investigate whether: 

  • The third-party (subcontractor, mechanic, property owner, etc.) owed the injured worker a duty of care. 
  • The third-party failed to uphold their duty through negligent or reckless behavior.
  • That failure caused or contributed to the injured worker’s accident or injury.
  • And the injured worker suffered damages. 

If there is evidence showing all of these factors have been met, we strongly consider moving forward with a lawsuit that will hold the third-parties accountable and force them to compensate you for your damages. 

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When workers in the Chicago area suffer an on-the-job injury and need help seeking compensation for their injuries, Vaziri Law LLC is here for them. We guide our clients through the Illinois workers’ comp system and help them figure out if filing a lawsuit against a third party is an option. We are available when you need us most, so contact us today to schedule a free consultation.