what guides our work

It's simple—we strive to achieve your objectives as efficiently as possible. We do that by maintaining clear and frequent communication with you. The firm is a litigation firm and we love advocating on behalf of those we represent, but our passion for the courtroom does not cause us to lose sight of the fact that to most clients, litigation is slow, expensive, and emotionally draining. So, our goal is to get you to your finish line as quickly and with the best result possible. Usually that is pre-suit. Most often it is pre-trial. But be assured that should a lawsuit, and ultimately a trial be necessary, we will provide strategic and aggressive representation.


how we add value

By leveraging your bargaining position to its full extent. We do that by knowing the law, utilizing procedure, employing a multi-disciplinary approach, and negotiating skillfully. We ensure that sophisticated adversaries don’t take advantage of you. We maximize pre-suit settlement offers, and when opponents are not being reasonable, we are ready to force the issue at trial.


our approach

We believe it is important to remain flexible. We stay nimble and are willing to adapt. This approach is evident in various contexts. If we must litigate a matter, we can do so in court, but are also willing to use alternative dispute resolution forums such as mediation or arbitration. If strategic arrangements are called for, we tap into our robust network and form a team that more properly will achieve client goals. If a particular client needs alternative billing models, we are always willing to have that conversation. The legal industry has changed and continues to change. By re-thinking the traditional law firm model, we shadow that change.