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Seeking Justice For Slip & Fall Victims In the Slushy, Snowy, Windy City

Chicago may be known as the Windy City, but it is also the snow, slush, and ice city this time of year. Though we know how to handle winter weather, that does not mean that we always come through the season unscathed. Each winter, many Chicago area residents are injured in slip and fall accidents. 

At Vaziri Law LLC, we assist Chicagoans who have suffered slip and fall injuries due to another’s negligence. We help hold business owners, landlords, snow removal companies, and other parties responsible for the harm they cause. Our personal injury clients have received significant compensation because Vaziri Law LLC is committed to holding wrongdoers accountable. 

Natural Accumulation Or Man-Made Mess?

While you may assume that if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident during a snow or ice storm you should automatically be eligible for compensation, that is not always the case. Under Illinois law, victims of slip and fall accidents caused by winter weather conditions are limited in their ability to seek compensation by something known as the natural accumulation rule. 

If the wintry mix that caused your accident existed naturally (i.e. fell from the sky) and was not made worse by human interference, you likely will be unable to seek compensation, no matter how seriously you have been hurt. However, snow in the Chicago area rarely stays untouched for long. 

Chicagoans are unafraid of venturing out even on the worst days. Most snow gets shoveled right away. As soon as it is touched by a snow removal device, or even begins to melt and re-freeze in a dangerous way due to human interference or design, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure it is safely cleared. 

At Vaziri Law LLC, we know what kind of evidence we need to show that your case is not barred by the natural accumulation rule. We will visit the location of the accident, pull weather reports, gather pictures and video, and speak to witnesses in order to build a strong case on your behalf. 

Slip & Falls Are Serious 

Once we can show that a slip and fall claim is warranted, we then work to maximize your compensation by gathering documents that explicitly enumerate your: 

  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost income;
  • Decreased future earnings;
  • Physical pain;
  • Emotional anguish;
  • Permanent disfigurement or disability;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life; and 
  • Loss of consortium, if applicable.

Few people realize how truly serious a slip and fall injury can be until they or a loved one is injured in one. 

Fueled by Passion. Built on Trust.

The Vaziri Law LLC team will never doubt the seriousness of a slip and fall injury caused by some of Chicago’s famous winter weather. If you have been hurt and you are curious if you can seek compensation to help get you back on your feet, we are here for you. You can trust us to take your claim seriously, and work hard to get you the money you deserve. Please contact us today to schedule a meeting with our team.