Pedestrian about to walk on street

Pedestrian Injuries Continue to Climb

Despite a pledge to make Chicago the most pedestrian-friendly city in the country, many people are seriously injured while walking our city’s streets. Vaziri Law LLC is committed to helping injured pedestrians get the money they need to treat their injuries and move forward with their lives. 

A Widespread Problem

Pedestrian injuries are increasing at an alarming rate. According to data gathered by the Governors Highway Safety Association, car crashes killed more than 6,700 pedestrians in 2020, up about 5% nationwide from the estimated 6,412 the year before. In Illinois, pedestrian deaths increased 7%. This increase is particularly surprising considering the pandemic decreased the number of drivers on the road that year. 

If you take a look at the increase in deaths compared to annual vehicle miles traveled, “The pedestrian fatality rate spiked about 21% in 2020 as deaths climbed sharply even though people drove much less that year, the largest ever year-over-year increase. And preliminary data from 2021 indicates yet another increase in the number of pedestrian deaths.”

Why Are Pedestrian Accidents Increasing? 

Experts suggest that fewer cars on the road didn’t translate into safer streets for pedestrians because the cars still on the road were driving faster, police were not enforcing traffic laws as strictly, and the pandemic was causing people to behave differently. 

These factors only increase the risks pedestrians face from poorly planned and maintained roadways. Chicago pedestrians are hurt every day due to:

  • Poor lighting;
  • No crosswalks;
  • Traffic signals that are not timed correctly or do not work;
  • Multiple lanes of traffic blocking visibility and creating congestion; and 
  • A lack of pedestrian signals.

At Vaziri Law LLC, we take a deep dive into the evidence to figure out exactly why an accident occurred so we can hold all of the responsible parties accountable. 

Simple Physics Mean Pedestrian Accidents Are Often Worse Than Other Accidents 

Pedestrian injuries are often more serious than injuries sustained in other accidents. This often means that injured pedestrians:

  • suffer more traumatic injuries;
  • require more medical treatment;
  • have longer recovery times;
  • are more likely to have lingering injuries; and 
  • will be impacted by their injuries for the rest of their life. 

Vaziri Law LLC knows how to prove that these factors mean injured pedestrians need more money if they are to be fully and fairly compensated for their injuries. We work hard to gather the evidence necessary to show the full extent of our clients’ injuries so we can properly advocate on their behalf. 

Fueled by Passion. Built on Trust. 

Vaziri Law LLC works with injured pedestrians to hold the people responsible for their injuries accountable. We handle the negotiations with insurance companies, and if necessary, prepare to go to trial to get our clients the compensation they deserve. 
If you or a loved one in the Chicago area has been injured in an accident, Vaziri Law LLC is here for you. Please contact our team to schedule a free meeting today.