Two male figures looking over and discussing legal documents

Outside Counsel: The Swiss Army Knives Of The Legal World

Have you ever looked at all the tools you can get on a Swiss Army Knife? You can customize one of them with everything from a nail file, to a corkscrew, to that weird blade with a hole in it that you can use as an industrial-strength sewing needle. Even with all their bells and whistles, the knives are famously compact, versatile, and easy to work with. Similarly, Vaziri Law LLC serves as a versatile tool for many businesses in the Chicago area. 


Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the budget for an in-house legal department to advise them. They must rely on outside counsel to get the legal advice they need.

Vaziri Law appreciates the approach of staying lean. Our team is also lean, but mighty. We give our Chicago area clients the sophisticated legal advice of a large law firm and the personal service of a boutique practice or in-house legal team. 


At Vaziri Law LLC, we tackle the problems our clients bring to us, whether that means working with them in the boardroom or heading to the courtroom. We don’t do just transactional work or litigation. We can do both because we know our clients need both.

We assist with everything from business formation, to securing intellectual property rights, to managing the legal aspects of business transactions, and litigating business disputes. 

Much like an in-house attorney, we are available any time our clients want to run something by us. When desired, we can assist with risk management assessments to help our clients identify and fix issues before they arise. If a dispute arises, we can attempt to negotiate a resolution, but we are also prepared to litigate if that is in our client’s best interest. 

Easy To Work With 

Our team works hand in hand with our clients’ employees to solve problems just like an in-house attorney would. Some businesses come to us on a project-by-project basis. Others have us on retainer so they can reach out at any time. Still, others retain our office on a subscription basis. We assess our clients’ needs to determine the most efficient and economical engagement. 

We frequently collaborate with other professionals our clients’ work with like accountants, tax professionals, and business advisors. Involving legal counsel at the beginning of a project often makes things run more smoothly. We are team players who want to see our clients succeed. We are not interested in throwing up legal roadblocks just to keep ourselves busy. 

Fueled By Passion. Built On Trust. 

At Vaziri Law LLC, we craft common-sense solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area. We want to be a tool our clients can use to succeed in their endeavors, not a drain on their resources. If your business is in search of outside counsel, call the office to schedule a consultation.