Pasha took my case seriously and gave me good advice. He engaged with the opposing lawyers and negotiated as effectively as could be expected on my behalf. He did not treat my case as a way to enrich himself. If God forbid, I ever again find myself in a situation where I need an attorney, I would certainly contact Pasha.
— April 2019; litigation client
Thank you for the time and effort put into handling and resolving my case. Your professionalism, expertise, and research is appreciated. I’m happy to say with relief that a horrible situation is now behind me, and I can finally move forward. That’s because of your assistance.
— February 2019; injury settlement
In my twenty years of practice, I have yet to come across an attorney with a great strategic mind coupled with an innate ethical sensibility until we retained Vaziri Law LLC. I can unequivocally state that I trust Pasha and rely heavily on his legal prowess for our collections matters.
— november 2018; corporate client; business litigation
As a person who was having problems with my employer, I searched the internet for an attorney. I went through a couple and I came across Pasha Vaziri. Pasha is a great negotiator, has morals, and is very tough. He is also honest about what your options are and will always give you the best advice for your situation. Thank you Pasha Vaziri for taking my case and helping me resolve it!
— November 2018; bl; employment discrimination & retaliation litigation
I had a pretty unique case and was concerned that any attorney I hired might not have the experience to handle it. However, Pasha at Vaziri Law managed my negotiation with great expertise and vastly exceeded my expectations in reaching a settlement with my employer. In addition, Pasha was honest and upfront about attorney fees, and overall, the cost to work with him was well worth the payoff of the result. He was extremely communicative and persistent in achieving my goals and I’d recommend him to anyone!
— October 2018; jg; separation agreement
Thank you Vaziri Law for handling my case. You did everything and more when representing me.
— July 2018; TR; injury settlement
I had the un-pleasure of taking my former employer to court for breach of contract. Dealing with the business and employment law language was hard for me, so I hired Pasha and Vaziri Law to handle my case. Pasha did an excellent job explaining the details of contract law and the steps that needed to be completed. I gave Pasha the go-ahead to deal with anything related to the case but to just let me know what was happening. I have learned we don’t fail because we have too much information; we fail because we don’t have enough. Pasha asked me questions throughout the case, kept me informed, and won my case. I would recommend Vaziri Law if you need great advice on legal issues you don’t understand.
— March 2018; nwj; breach of contract litigation
Having Pasha as my attorney was a great experience. I was able to talk to him or email with him at any time. I appreciate that I was able to contact him even on holiday breaks. He went above and beyond with my case and walked me through every step making sure I understood everything. Needless to say, I never doubted his suggestions as he always had my best interest in mind. Once the case settled, I was happy with the outcome. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
— March 2018; GM; injury settlement
Thank you for all your hard work and a job well done. It literally paid off! If anyone needs a lawyer, your name will be the first and only one I will mention. Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!
— december 2017; lj; injury settlement
Excellent lawyer. Mr. Vaziri was persistent and thorough in working on my case. He always kept me updated on my case and whenever I had a question, he was always accessible, responding in a timely manner with an email or phone call. He always addressed any concerns and was always timely and professional in doing so. Besides being a knowledgeable attorney, Mr. Vaziri is also willing to put in the work to get the job done. I highly recommend attorney Pasha Vaziri.
— November 2017; kt; severance agreement
I was referred to Vaziri Law by a trusted family friend. My case wasn’t one where I wanted traditional representation. Without hesitation, the firm accommodated me with a limited-scope engagement that was tailored to my needs. I was pleased with both the flexibility and the outcome of my case. I found Pasha to be knowledgeable, well-informed, and very good at explaining complex legal issues. He was pleasant to work with, and I plan on using him again if I have future need of an attorney. You’re in good hands with Pasha.
— May 2017; JS; premises liability settlement
Vaziri Law represented my business in a breach of contract matter with an out of state resident. Mr. Vaziri put into place a plan and was able to settle my case without dragging it out. His attention to detail and communication was superb. I recommend him highly.
— June 2016; corporate client; business litigation
My case grew significantly more complicated as litigation advanced. Still, Pasha was able to secure a favorable outcome for me despite the complications. I would recommend him to anyone.
— October 2016; KB; employment litigaton
Pasha handled my case with class and professionalism. I recommend him without hesitation.
— November 2015; JW; Injury Settlement
Finding a lawyer after my motorcycle accident was confusing. I was lucky to find Pasha Vaziri, and would recommend Vaziri Law LLC without hesitation. Pasha is professional, timely, and very communicative. The process can be painstakingly slow, but he keeps you informed of your options at all times. I’m glad I went with Vaziri Law.
— December 2016; SC; Injury Settlement
I am writing this letter to say thank you so much attorney Pasha Vaziri. My experience with you was very enlightening and informative. Thank you for taking over my car accident case. You stepped in right on time when I needed you the most. I would recommend you as an outstanding, professional attorney. You worked very hard on my case to get me the best results. Again thank you for all you did when it came to my case. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
— February 2016; JJ; Injury Litigation


How We Define Success

By one and only one measuring stick: satisfied clients that speak highly of us, consider us their counsel for life, and refer us to others.